In this modern world it seems like we have less and less time for ourselves, with so much to do. As a result, it's important to be able to take control of your tasks and appointments to ensure that they don't weigh too heavy on your mind.

MyPIM is designed to help make it easier for you to manage your business and personal dates, giving you the ability to view them all on screen. The main program window displays all the events on your agenda and you can flick through these by date and time and even by year. For me, the main interface is a little ugly though, and if you have lots of appointments up on screen at the same time it can be a little cluttered and difficult to read.

However, in its favour, MyPIM does have a lot of neat features that can really help you get on top of your forthcoming events. You can filter tasks, arrange them into categories and set up different alarms. One of my favourite things about the software is the way it lets you create your own task categories and assign customized icons to them.

While not as well-designed as some of the personal information managers I've seen, MyPIM certainly has some innovative features for managing your time more effectively.

MyPIM shows your appointments and tasks in agenda view with icons and same-screen functions. You can filter and edit your appointments and tasks without opening the whole item body. In addition, you can link your appointments and tasks to any files. The application let you select the dates to show via pop-up menus and a calendar. Filters for narrowing categories, appointments and tasks are easily accessible.

Features of MyPIM:

  • Calendar for date selection
  • Pop-up menus for category, appointment and task filtering
  • Quick appointment and task editing via pop-up menus
  • Highly representative icons
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste functions for appointments and tasks
  • Create your own categories with assigned icons
  • Link your appointments and tasks to files

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